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Selection of Jerzy Moszkowicz, director of International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! in Poznan

Michal ŠašekProgramme Coordinator

26. 10. 2019

My childhood and youth, as well as the childhood of my child, were well filled with Czechoslovak animated fairy tales and films. I was born in 1955, and Krtek in 1957. Princess Arabela was born in 1979 and soon went on a trip to Poland. And my son was born in 1981. So, they had to meet, of course. We knew Rumcjas, Emmanuel, Křemílek and Vochomůrka as well as Polish Bolek and Lolek or Miś Uszatek. The stars of Czechoslovak films have been the best buddies for Polish children, for many generations. I don't know, if this worked opposite; how Polish cinema affected young Czechs? But I would love to repay you for those films that so beautifully embellished our Polish childhoods. That is why, at the invitation of the Juniorfest Festival, I bring you what I think is the best  in Polish cinema for young audience. I deliberately do not write here  “everything  what I consider”, because it is definitely not everything.  For over 70 years of Polish cinema for children and teenagers, many, many more beautiful, intelligent and important films have been made. Therefore, my choice was not easy, and the result is obviously subjective. I was much more heart-oriented than referring to reviews, opinions of film experts or the number of tickets sold or viewers in front of TV sets. Therefore, please do not ask me why we are showing such a film and not another. If you want to see more Polish films than in the program of this review, there will certainly be another chance in the future. For now, let's enjoy together ten screenings of excellent Polish cinema. I hope that the stories told in our films will entertain and move you and that they will stay in your memory for a long time. And that you'll  make friends with their heroes, just like me with the stars from the Czech films of my childhood.

Jerzy Moszkowicz, director

International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!