Interview with Vajén van den Bosch

Vajen also answered whether she believed in love at first sight ...

Radka ŠámalováPublic relations & Press service

31. 10. 2019

1.) Could you please describe your character in the film First Kiss? 
I play Roos in the film first kiss. She’s a vlogger. She vlogs about products of a big beauty company, which her mother is the owner of. 
She has two great friends. And a nice relationship with her mother. She doesn’t have her father in her life. She thinks differently about love then her friends or the kids at her school do. She really wants to be in love with somebody before she gives him the first kiss. 
2.) Do you believe in love at first sight?
To be honest... I don’t think I do. I do believe you can find somebody attractive by seeing him/her the first time. But I think it takes a bit longer to fall in love with somebody.  Because you need to know somebody first. Well, for me it’s like this.
3.) Do you trust any advertisement on social media? Especially on Instagram? 
It depends. But mostly I don’t trust the advertisement. 
4.) What do you think about the social media in general?
I think social media can me a nice platform! You can share anything you want with people from all over the world! That’s special.
But sometimes I think it’s dangerous because thinks can be unrealistic or fake too. So it’s possible people believe things they shouldn’t 
5.) Is there any new film title, where we could see you next year?
I don’t know! But there are a few  meetings planned. So I’m excited! I really hope so!