JUNIORFEST presents its new online version.

Bearing on mind the events of this year, we have decided to present our brand new online platform for JUNIORFEST 2020.

JUNIORFEST teamfestival team

21. 7. 2020

Taking into account all the circumstances of this year, we want you to be able to experience the atmosphere of our festival no matter where you are. 

Together with DaFilms CZ (www.dafilms.cz), we are presenting our brand new online platform for JUNIORFEST 2020, thanks to which we will operate dually. Both versions will offer a unique programme section worth experiencing -  in our cinemas 6. - 12. 11. 2020 and comfortably from your home 13. – 22. 11. 2020. Whereas our competitive categories will remain in the cinemas, our online version will provide the best of our previous annual years, the fantastic Dutch production and Industry Programme. 

It will also offer unique educational materials linked to the screened movies. Those are being created in the cooperation with Free Cinema and the Netherlands festival Cinekid. Apart from those, you can also be part of our online workshops.

For the Industry programme this year, together with the Filmtoro ( www.filmtoro.cz), we are preparing a unique study regarding new trends in the Czech Republic and abroad in watching movies with the evolution of the VOD platforms and its effect on young audiences. This study will be presented for the first time during our festival this year. First steps will be published before the JUNIORFEST 2020 on www.filmtoro.cz and www.juniorfest.cz. 

No matter what, JUNIORFEST will do their best to offer you quality cinematography. We are more than excited to meet you this year!