We are introducing this year competitive section of the feature animation film section.

The 14th Juniorfest will bring a prize for the best feature animation film again. There will be eight international movies competing in the category. Are you excited to find out who will win?

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17. 10. 2021

Ooops! The Adventure Continues…
Ireland, Luxembourg / 2020 / 85 minutes
Director: Toby Genkel, Sean McCormack
Leah and Finny appear on an island full of unusual creatures and mainly… food! Yet the island itself is
in big danger because an active volcano rises over it. So many problems and so little time…

Felix and the Treasure of Morga
Canada / 2021 / 85 minutes
Director: Nicola Lemay
12-year-old Felix´s daddy got lost on the sea two years ago. Will Felix manage to find him?

Stinky Dog – La vie a Paris
France / 2020 / 60 minutes
Director: Stéphane Aubier, Davy Durand, Vincent Patar

Stinky dog and his friend – a cat called Chaplapla – live together in the streets of Paris and feast on
delicacies they find in the garbage. They simply enjoy life to the fullest.

YAKARI – Big Adventure
Belgium / 2020 / 82 minutes
Director: Xavier Giacometti, Toby Genkel

A boy called Yakari is given special skills by his totem animal. Together with his friend, the Great
Eagle, experiences a big adventure, which seals their friendship.

Even Mice Belong in Heaven
Czech Republic / 2021 / 80 minutes
Director: Jan Bubeníček, Denisa Grimmová
A Mouse and a Fox meet in animal heaven and become friends, which could never happen on Earth.
However, what happens when they return to real life?

Poupelle of Chimney Town
Japan / 2020 / 100 minutes / 12+
Director: Yusuke Hirota
A friendly garbage monster called Poupelle and a small chimney sweep are trying to fulfil the
prophecy and find the sky behind the thick chimney smoke.

Nahuel and the Magic Book
Chile, Brazil / 2020 / 98 minutes / 8+
Director: German Acuña
Nahuel has to overcome his fear, set out for a journey through a fantastic world full of magic and
save his dad.

Ireland, UK, Luxembourg, France / 2020 / 103 minutes / 10+
Director: Tomm Moore
A young apprentice hunter called Robyn has a clear goal – to wipe out the last wolf pack. However,
after meeting Mebh, a mysterious girl, her world is turned upside down.