What will the youth competitive section offer?

New life experience, effort to find oneself in today´s digital era, unexpected friendships and loves. These are some of the topics offered by the youth competition section from 12 to 16 years.

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18. 10. 2021

Remy and Juliyat
The Netherlands / 2020 / 92 minutes
Director: Tessa Schram

The worlds of Juliyat and Remy are so different. Despite this, when they meet, they fall in love and
decide to run away from all the bad things together.

The True Adventures of Wolfboy
USA / 2019 / 88 minutes
Director: Martin Krejčí

Paul suffers from a rare disease that makes his face completely hairy. He gets an extraordinary
present and sets off for a journey to find his estranged mother and his own identity.

Austria / 2020 / 99 minutes
Director: Iliana Estañol and Johanna Lietha

Summer. Vienna. Six teenagers. Someone finds love on Tinder, someone in the bar. Fates of all
protagonists intersect.

Dating Amber
Ireland / 2020 / 92 minutes
Director: David Freine

To hide their authentic sexuality in front of others, Eddie and Amber decide to pretend to be a couple.
However, how long will they be able to hide from their selves?

Belgium / 2020 / 92 minutes
Director: Charlène Favier

Lyz, a teenage girl, has a chance to become a professional sports star. The talented downhill skier
comes to a famed training camp led by a charismatic Fred, a tough but helpful trainer.

Stop - Zemlia
Ukraine / 2021 / 122 minutes
Director: Kateryna Gornostaj

Masha is an introvert who does not reveal her character much. When she falls in love for the first
time, she starts discovering sides of her personality unknown even to herself.

Russia / 2020 / 90 minutes
Director: Anna Kurbatova

Three friends spent together a summer they could never experience without giving up mobile

Sun Children
Iran / 2020 / 99 minutes
Director: Majid Majidi

Four friends want to enrol in a school for a single reason – they need to dig their way to a cemetery wall where they hope to find something which could get them out of the greyness of their lives.